Monday, January 10, 2011

The Blue Belonging Device

So, I have signed up to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February and am truly excited about... #1) spending time with some really dear and hilarious friends, #2) getting some exercise in while having fun (and solving not just our own, but also the world's problems), #3) costume designing (do I see another paper princess dress in the near future?) and #4) having an excuse to purchase really cool looking things even if I don't know how to use them.

I have actually run a half marathon before but even though I was participating with a group I was training during my first semester of grad school and did all my running on my own. This is my first training experience with a pack and I have to admit it makes running a whole lot more fun. However, it is kind of like I am the new girl at school, trying to figure out where I belong. Everyone brings something unique to the group, whether it be encouraging words or hilarity or a knife to fend off the occasional bear. But they all also bring something similar, their belonging device, that gels them as a group. Whether it is strapped to their wrist or clipped on their running pants each one has some sort of time, heart rate, distance monitoring device that beeps in unison at 3 and 1 minute intervals like an angelic choir, and fits so smoothly, so beautifully into the flow of conversation as if it were as natural as breaths between words... and then there is me. I may be the only one with the cool, full length running pants (that Carolyn envies) or the toastiest gloves, but I am also the only one without a beeping, belonging device. So... you guessed it, I got online and got me a little blue piece of heaven, with four buttons and endless possibilities. I can now belong... err, kinda.

The problem is I can't figure out the thing. I have carried around the 1/2 inch thick instruction manual with me all week thinking I will have a spare moment in a line or a waiting room or while riding in the car to master my device but nada. I even thought I could just start pushing buttons and at least figure out how to make it sing out a single glorious beep, to possibly warm up its voice, but still nada. So all that I can do at this point is sit, stare and marvel at its silent beauty, and hope that the girls will still accept me without a beep to add to the choir just yet.

To just give you a hint at how little I know about this device, this picture was taken on Sunday, around 5:30.


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