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Family: The Dearest of Friends

With my first post of the new year there is so much I wanted to talk about and do. I wish I was posting about an updated blog and business, for one (But as you may have been able to see that most everything still looks, feels and sounds the same. I suppose that will just have to be coming soon.) I had started collecting pictures to start off the new year with a montage of some of my favorite smooches over the past year. A New Year's kiss to you! Yep, you don't see that either, do you? I also found myself, so many times during the holiday season stepping back and reflecting on the idea of traditions, what stays the same (a hunt for hidden cash on Christmas morning and casserole city Christmas Day at the Maxcy house), what changes (Uncle Paul... we miss you dearly) and the charming way you never know when a new tradition is being born (will we be singing carols, in a dimly lit dinning room, piano side with Jordan next year on Christmas Eve?). I even filmed the last one on my new camera, but, nope, you aren't going to see that here. I considered posting about New Year's resolutions, but then began to think of my own and realized that I am going resolution free this year. I resolve to not make any resolutions. This year is about taking it one day at a time, stepping out, not necessarily knowing where I am going, but remaining confident in my guide, the maker of every day. No pictures to post for that one.

But ultimately with the dust from the holidays settling on all those blog post plans behind me I find myself most intently reflecting on today and how I am loving being back in Florida near so many loved ones. There is something I truly cherish about being near to friends that are as close to my heart as family and family members that are also the dearest of friends. And quite honestly, most of the pictures you see on my blog are of people that are near to my heart in some way.

Two such family members are my cousins Angie and Bianca, who I have written about and showcased here on my blog before, both of which I have lived with at some point, both during what has been rather "transitional" times in my life. Angie got me as a roomie as I was transitioning and settling into college. God bless her. Enough said. Don't ask her for stories. And Bianca and I lived together in Atlanta just after I graduated from college during a much different transition in my life. This time I was turning around and running back into the arms of God, something we were able to experience together (along with the other dear girls in our North Point Community Church Small Group.) A lot has changed since back then, but I find myself loving being close to the two of them again as I am navigating life, day-by-day, in the middle of a new transition.

For Angie and Bianca they now both have some of the most precious families around (you can read about their adventures on each of their blogs by clicking here for Angie and here for Bianca (I hope you two have updated your blogs recently.) They each have rockstar husbands that evidently adore them (as they should) and with, seriously, some of the coolest and cutest kids that always make me feel like a million bucks when I walk into the room. :) I love them. I really do. And I have been able to photograph both of these families in some impromptu and "experimental" photo sessions over the past few months and thought that it is now time to share a bit more of their coolness with you all here...

Say Hi, to The Spencer Family (Angie, Jon, Peyton, Brady and Rylee)...

Sweetness... and then there is Rylee. Oh, Rylee, I love you.

They love each other. They really do.

I was asking the big brothers, Peyton (left) and Brady (center) to kiss their sister on her cheek and Rylee kept running away. So Brady, says, "I know. I'll kiss myself." I got my camera in position and told him to go for it (not knowing what was actually going to happen.) Then I got the middle shot of Brady. Look how happy he is at his cleverness. I loved it!

Goofing off. The true Spencer family.

Peyton is so intense about football. And equally as fast.

And say Hi, to The Humphrey Family (Bianca, Sean, Blayne and Baby Boy #2)...

Such a cutie.

He was a little forlorn because we accidentally had him "buddy up" to a few stray ants while trying to get the shots for the Humphrey's Happy Christmas movie. Poor little guy.

The classic Humphrey "Throw Your Head Back and Laugh" move.

Now things are getting real. The collar is popped the sleeves are getting rolled up and he is about to soar off the top step of the ladder.

I love you all! And there are more family posts to come with the Terrell clan and... my own family. (Yes, that is right. I got in front of the camera again... briefly.)


Aunt Cathy January 7, 2011 at 11:34 AM  

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the blog and the pictures and you!

Caitlin Maxcy January 7, 2011 at 12:45 PM  

i love angie and bianca too!! such cute kids i can't stand it. :)

Aunt Cathy January 7, 2011 at 12:51 PM  

AND furthermore - a big FAT YES to the new tradition started this year around the piano on Christmas Eve. YES, YES, YES!!!! I smile every time I think of that night. It was PERFECT except for that pesky pine cone incident.

Spencer Girl January 7, 2011 at 1:10 PM  

Thank you Carrie for the beautiful are amazing! I love the one of Blayne after the ants!I'm gonna have to hear about this pine cone incident.

Bianca January 7, 2011 at 6:57 PM  

Love the pics, love the "words," love it all! My fav pic is the first one of the Spencer clan. I mean, could Rylee BE any cuter??

Thank you for capturing such beautiful memories of my (growing) family, I will treasure them forever. You are awesome and I am SO glad you are here - even if it's only temporarily indefinitely. =)

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