Monday, October 11, 2010


A little while back Adam and Stacy invited me in and allowed me to commandeer their home, re-arranging their things, bringing in some furniture of my own, and photograph their beautiful, precious, heavenly baby girl, Aubrey. What an easy going family, that was nothing but comfortable, lovely and exquisite to photograph.

During the photo shoot, which was primarily focused on Aubrey, the new addition to the family, big brother Bauer was always close by and always curious as to what his little sister was "saying." He was constantly asking, "Mommy, what is she saying now?" And then waited with a wide eyes for Stacy's translation, giggling at her creative responses. It was so curious to me that Bauer, truly believed that his mom and his little sister had some secret language together.

With no daughter, or any kids for that matter, of my own, my only reference for this is my own relationship with my mom. So many times I have stood in front of my mom and dad relaying a story when my dad pipes up to say, "Jacque, what is she saying now?" Mostly it was illegible to him because I was talking too fast (as I have heard many-a-father complain). But it was never too fast, too loud, too quiet, or too indecipherable for my mom, even the unspoken things.

One day, I am sure Bauer and Aubrey will have a language of their own as brother and sister. But today and for the rest of their lives Stacy and Aubrey have a connection all their own. Just between the two of them. I guess it's a mom and daughter thing.


Anonymous October 22, 2010 at 1:17 PM  

LOVED the pictures. Your words made me cry.

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