Friday, October 26, 2012

Downtown Raleigh North Carolina Wedding: Rachael + Kent

On the subject of fall I have to make a confession. I don't particularly like it. Where everyone seems to go on and on about their love for this particular season at the first slight crisp in the air, I tend to cringe. It is not that I am not truly fond of the cooler weather, the way the sunlight changes it's hue and the foliage all around us explodes with glorious displays of color (although we don't get much of that down here in FL). And of course I do happen to love all the cozy scents and tastes that pop up all around us in our pumpkin spiced coffees and warm pots of chili accompanied by sweet cornbread. But to me all of these things serve as an omen... winter is coming. And on the other side of Christmas there is nothing but gloom in my book. Everything dies, becomes brown and twiggy and the whole of creation seems to hold its breath and turn blue as we wait for life to burst forth again in—what is my favorite season of all—spring.

I have tried to change my attitude about this thing. I really have. I have tried to just enjoy the moment, not looking at every beautiful, blazing leaf on a tree as an omen of it's eminent death. (I am sure there is something a psychologist could glean out of all of this.) And there are those times where fall in all its spectacular glory takes my breath away and in awe and amazement my fear of winter is all but forgotten for a few moments. This past week one of my favorite North Eastern photographers posted images from a wedding she recently shot in Pennsylvania at a rustic location blanketed by autumn leaves in all their glory with evidence of fall everywhere.

I loved fall again.

And I missed my days of living in North Carolina. There were certain spots in my drive to and from school and/or work that would pull me along. Up ahead would be the tree that would have a golden glow like the afternoon sun and just around the corner would be a canopy of burning red maples covering the road for a spell. I loved to walk through NC State's campus during this time and I especially loved it when I was able to take trips to the mountains. The rolling hills of reds and yellows just made me simply want to give a big bear hug to the earth and say "thanks."

After all that, I don't have a single fall image for you all today. But in all my reminiscing about North Carolina I was brought back to these images from Rachael and Kent's summertime wedding in downtown Raleigh this past year. It was quite the creative affair. From the creativity in the designed pieces and the reception decor to the creativity in searching out ways to get beautiful things on a budget, these two put together an event that was bursting with vibrant life, with colorful fun and with lots of love.

Congrats Rachael and Kent! And may you two be enjoying your first lovely North Carolina fall together as the newly Mr. and Mrs.

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