Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dara + Andy / Hitched

I have made many-a-promise to you all about what you were going to get to take a gander at in the near future on my blog that have never come to pass, so no more promises. Just a little cheesy idea this time. I continue to get invited to capture stories through beautiful photos and every time I am dying to share them with you, but all those little gems sitting on my hard drive and on discs in people's homes scattered throughout the south eastern U.S haunt me. I feel like I might get slapped by everyone of those images if I shared another image before them, out of order! The horror! (Talk about a "rule follower" over here.) So I have tried to obey the rules and keep some sort of order to things but in turn have not shared a darn thing I promised with you all.

I was trying to come up with a loose way to unearth the treasures from the past year in one post per week. And of course every cheesy name came to mind (Tuesday's Treasures, Flashback Friday... and on-and-on with the cheesiness. I can't help it.) Nothing came to mind that was cute or clever or witty or remotely cool in any way. So I decided to pick the cheesiest of them all and go with Throwback Thursdays! Holler! Which means that I plan to post each Thursday some images that have never been shared before (don't hold me to it.)

This week I start with Andy and Dara's grand December wedding in Wauchula, FL complete with a theatrical setting beneath the oaks, picture frames on twisted limbs hung with ribbon, a full orchestra, over 500 poinsettias and a truly beautiful bride and groom.

5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog_0 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog2 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog3 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog4 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog5 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog6 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog7 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog8 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog9 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog10 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog11 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog12 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog13 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog14_1 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog14 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog15 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog16 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog17 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog18 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog19 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog20

Just before the wedding my adorable cousin, Angie, showed up and struck an equally as adorable pose with her husband Jon. Nice kicks, cuz!

5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog21 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog22 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog23 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog24 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog25 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog26 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog27 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog28 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog29 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog30 5_17_12_Andy_plus_Dara_blog31

Thank you, Sarah Sandel, for your second shooting skills!


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