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CAAT / Spring 2012 / Modeling & Photography Program

I used to think I would like to be a teacher some day, an instructor, maybe even a professor. You know, investing in and enriching the lives of a select handful of young minds... The idea seemed glorious. Philanthropic even. I would take all the knowledge I gained throughout my life and career and give back to a new generation. And then I went to graduate school with the leading design pedagogy specialist and sat in on a class where the "teacher of all teachers" taught us how one should actually teach. I was deflated. I could never measure up. And I began to think that even attempting to teach would be a disservice to my poor, poor students and their impressionable young minds. So I ran. I ran away from the idea of teaching and ran away from design all together for that matter (but that is another story).

In the wake of graduate school I found myself simply doing what I love and not worrying so much about the rules. And eventually that love of mine became a full time thing. I was a full time photographer. Doing what I love. All day. Every day. And the crazy thing about photography is, that you are almost always teaching. Whether it is the wedding guest that wants to know what brand of camera you prefer, or the long lost friend that now lives in Europe that wonders what lens you use that gives such great bokeh, or the ex-coworker that just booked her first wedding photo gig and wants to know... well, every thing that you know, people love photography and they simply want to know more. Inadvertently, even with as far as I ran from the thing, I have somehow become a teacher.

And then every-so-often I get the request or the idea to actually do the "standing up in front of a classroom and teaching" thing and a part of my heart jumps for joy while a still small part aches with fear. What would my graduate professor think of me and my methods now? Eventually I come around to hushing the still, small doubting voice and moving forward in exciting endeavors. Last year fellow photog Sarah Sandel and I hosted our first photography workshop with raving success (you can check out my blog post recap of the event here). Then earlier this year I was approached about stepping in as an instructor/photographer for a local after school modeling and photography program. I had a very hazy idea of what to expect, but after one meeting with modeling instructor Larry Moore, stylist and make up artist Michelle Trinder Cathey and program director Krista Flores I knew I was in. It felt great to be collaborating with creatives again. And to be honest, it felt great to think about being in my teaching hat again.Another plus was that I also was able to work alongside and learn from fellow area photographer Bill Daily of DisplayCreation.com. (*Side note for all photographers: Collaborating and communicating with other photogs is priceless. There is always something to learn, always areas where you can grow and always ways to encourage other creatives. Never miss the opportunity.)

The six week program is run through the Children's Academy of Art & Theater in Avon Park, FL and provided students with the opportunity to grow as a model and as an individual while developing a portfolio. The lens we used for the class was "style" using each week to focus on each letter and a corresponding theme.

S: Systems, Shapes, Size
T: Trends, Tradition, Timing, Tailoring
Y: You
L: Learning, Looks, Logos
E: Expression

And in the end they got a head full of priceless knowledge about the industry, about themselves and about their own unique style, not to mention a pretty stellar comp card with stunning images.

As for me, I got the opportunity to try out my chops at modeling photography (which turns out, in this instance, isn't much different from what I do every day) and invest a little bit in the lives of a few young individuals. My contribution to the class involved very little putting together curriculum or standing in front of a class teaching. And while we did have photographer students/shadows, the structure of the photo aspect of program allowed for minimal one-on-one instruction time and more-so provided a "watch and learn as we go" type of classroom setting. The real investment was in the students as individuals and through the lens of photography helping them to see themselves in a different light.

We wrapped the class up just last Thursday by presenting the models with their comp cards and talking about the next steps. I thought I would share with you a few of my favorites from my own collection from the program.

CAAT_Model_and_Photo_Class2 CAAT_Model_and_Photo_Class3 CAAT_Model_and_Photo_Class4 CAAT_Model_and_Photo_Class5 CAAT_Model_and_Photo_Class6 CAAT_Model_and_Photo_Class7 CAAT_Model_and_Photo_Class8 CAAT_Model_and_Photo_Class9 CAAT_Model_and_Photo_Class10 CAAT_Model_and_Photo_Class11 CAAT_Model_and_Photo_Class12 CAAT_Model_and_Photo_Class13 CAAT_Model_and_Photo_Class14 CAAT_Model_and_Photo_Class15 CAAT_Model_and_Photo_Class16 CAAT_Model_and_Photo_Class17

Children's Academy of Art & Theater Modeling and Photography Spring 2012 Program
Program Director: Krista Flores
Modeling Instructor & Stylist: Larry Moore
Stylist & Makeup Artist: Michelle Trinder Cathey
Photographers: Bill C. Daily Jr. & Caroline Maxcy Prietz


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