Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kyrie!

I am sure that you noticed the adorable little girls in my "Sunday Summer Picnic" post earlier this week. Avery and Kyrie are the precious daughters of our dear friends Josh and Stacie. Kyrie's full name is Kyrie Eleison and comes from the Greek words for ‘Lord,have mercy’ ­ or, ‘Lord, soothe me, comfort me, take away my pain, show me your steadfast love.’ This was everyone's fervent prayer from six months before Kyrie's birth, in January of 2008, when Josh and Stacie learned in the same day that they would be having another precious baby girl and of that baby girl's heart abnormality (one side of the heart was under developed). Joy and fear flooded their hearts and minds simultaneously. Kyrie's heart had not developed normally and her aorta and left ventricle were much smaller than they should be. The doctor was very honest with them and explained that this was not a situation that can be corrected so that she can have a normal heart. She would need surgery shortly after birth and again in several months and probably a couple of times later on. Even then, the problem would not be totally corrected. Kyrie's life will forever be effected. It was here when Josh and Stacie fell on their knees before the Lord and began to pray "kyrie, eleison!"

From that day forward Josh and Stacie have certainly had a whirlwind journey, through the rest of the pregnancy, the risky birth, the surgery when their baby was just a few days old, the lengthy hospital stay, the struggle they had to get her to eat, the unexpected hospital trips, and a second surgery (on top of all the sleepless nights and such that normally come along with having a new baby, juggling jobs and school and caring for their other daughter). I know it has been a struggle that we may never be able to understand yet over the past year and a half Josh and Stacie have been such an inspiration as they have placed their trust in "The Great Physician" and leaned on God and the comfort that can only come from an unwavering faith throughout the journey no matter how difficult it may have been.

Today on her one year birthday, Kyrie is a beautiful, bright, shining little angel (with the most adorable cheeks you have ever seen). And we have certainly been blessed by her story, her fight for life and the grace and mercy of God it has revealed to us all. Happy Birthday, Kyrie Eleison Van Leeuwen!


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